Born: December 29, 1982, Florida
Lives and works in Takoma Park, MD
2006-2008    Drawing Studies, The Art Students League of New York, New York, NY
2006-2008    Jeff Koons, painting and sculpture assistant, New York, NY
2004            BA in Painting, Belhaven College, Jackson, MS
Solo Exhibitions
2013    Wearing Ethereal, Flashpoint Gallery, Washington, DC
2012    (e)merge Art Fair, Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC
           Ordinary Glory, Pleasant Plains Workshop, Washington, DC
2010    New Birds, All Things Project, curated by Sam Kho, New York, NY
2006    Drawings and Paintings, Bessie Cary Lemly Gallery, Jackson, MS
Group Exhibitions
2013    Debris Field, Castle Gallery, curated by Lisa Dahl, New Rochelle, New York
           Objects of Desire, Neptune Fine Art, curated by Chris Neptune, Washington, DC
           Select 2013, Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC
2012    Call Collect, Hamiltonian Gallery, curated by Amanda Jiron-Murphy, Washington, DC
           Garbage Barge Revisited, Islip Art Museum, curated by Karen Shaw, Islip, NY
          What I Know, NYCAMS, curated by Jason Andrew, New York, NY
           Trash Talk, Spattered Columns (ACNY), curated by Lisa Dahl, New York, NY
           Installation for Pentecost, DC Christ Reformed Church, Washington, DC
2011    Options 2011, Washington Project for the Arts, curated by Stefanie Fedor, Washington, DC
2010    NurtureArt Benefit, Ziehersmith, curated by Dan Cameron and Ceci Moss, New York, NY
           Adams|Miracle two-person show, StorefrontBushwick, Brooklyn, NY
           Verse Suivante, Norte Maar, curated by Jason Andrew, Brooklyn, NY
           Unrealized Conceptual Bushwick, Nurture Art, curated by Rachel Steinberg, Brooklyn, NY
           Born to Die (or Every Artist Thinks They Make Gold), HKJB, curated by Jay Henderson, New York to Berlin
           Art, Value, Currency,  The Pigeon Wing, curated by Isobel Shirley, New York to London.
           New Year, New Work, StorefrontBushwick, curated by Jason Andrew and Deborah Brown, Brooklyn, NY
           Bushwick Open Studios Benefit Show, Brooklyn, NY
           The Box Which Contains the World, Brooklyn Fireproof Gallery, curated by Ali Ashman, Brooklyn, NY
2009    Contextualizing Formability, Sugar, curated by Gwendolyn Skaggs, Brooklyn, NY
           6h Annual Juried Show, Shore Institute of Contemporary Art, curated by Kate McNamara,  Long Branch, NJ
           Seam, 100 Grand, New York, NY
2008    I am not a machine, NYCAMS, curated by Christina Beckett, New York, NY
           Site-Specific Installation, Rockaway Art Center,  Queens, NY
Cultural DC, Creative Communities Fund Grant, Washington, DC
Artist Talk
2013    Luce Center Artist Talk, Smithsonian American Museum of Art
Selected Private Collections
Ognibene Collection, Washington DC
Jose Ortiz, Executive Director, Artisphere
Andrea Pollan, Director, Curator’s Office
James Panero, Managaing Editor, The New Criterion
Monica Herman, Director, Mixed Greens Gallery
Jason Andrew, Director, Norte Maar
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